January 8, 2009

the sun comes up on on a new year
only to remind me
that i have nothing to show

for the life i’ve lived

the sun comes up on a new day
only to unveil to me
how good it does what it does

rising and setting with such grace

it stares at me
daring me
burning me

even inspiring me

while i sit on my ass
and stare at it

i know i’m being
too hard on myself

but damn
it’s the sun

and it’s so god damn beautiful


Of Idependent Artists

January 6, 2009

Independent artist work so hard, so often to no avail. It kills me when I see so many people listening to the junk on the radio while an abundance of genius is lost in oblivion, waiting for the proverbial knock-of-opportunity.

I had dinner with a friend, Ray Rivera, at the IHOP in Monterey Park tonight. The allure of breakfast at 7pm will stupefy a man. Also, there is something about that particular IHOP that makes it better than any other pancake house I’ve been to. Maybe it’s only the bright lighting but everything there is always fresh and laid out perfect before me. Tonight’s plate was replete with five biscuits smothered with gravy, divided by five sausage links and flanked on both sides by eggs and hash browns. Mmmmm. I had a little bit of a problem with the coffee, had them make a new pot, but it was the roast. Antigua has spoiled me.

Anywhoo. As we sat there discussing his new album and the marketing of said album, I began to calculate (in my head) how many independent artist are out there putting together very good music, very good films and very good – fill in the blank. Many of these artists are sitting at other places across the world having similar discussions over food; what must be an inconceivable variety of foods.

But it’s not he food that boggles me! (Mmmmm. Foooood.) Really! It’s just so crazy how many people out there are trying to reach you and me at a genuinely personal level through art. Think of how many galleries and gigs are set up every single day to share these peoples essences. How many dreams are realized and how many dreams are crushed? Daily.

Ray, has a large amount of talent, an endless supply of ambition. Even so, his eyes lost a little bit of shimmer, as he says to me, over his two-by-two-by-two meal, “Maybe I should try managing (other acts).”

What!! And give up on your own dream!!?? I did that a long time ago and it still hurts me.

This is where I admit: I am one of the guilty will would sometimes listen to Power 106, instead of popping in some classic Ollin. But, I AM ALSO, a big supporter of local art and music. I would rather see a small local show than a big-headliner concert.

How can we save the local artist? I don’t know….just do what you can when you can I guess. No, better yet, do a little bit more than you think you can. Hey! Don’t forget to see some local theater too. Now that is something that really needs some love. I know only a handful of people who see theater on a regular.

Blah, blah, blah! See you at the local coffee shop!

Here are some links to local artists:

BTW, I designed Ray’s last album cover:rayrickyrivera

Holiday Laziness

January 3, 2009

As I sat at home watching a pirate copy of Frost-Nixon, I was thinking about how I have not left this house since I got home from “debauchery” on new years eve, I was wondering what happened to all the momentum and drive heading into the new year. LOL.
Then I got a sign from the higher powers- the pirate dvd kept skipping. (Someone should run some quality control on these suckas!) So, I was forced to turn off the movie and commit to going for a run.

As soon as I finish this entry I’m gonna warm up the old fibers of my body mass and get some fresh air while running. Been on running hiatus for the holidays and it’s about time to get back to it. I’m gonna have to flip a coin to decide if I hit the blacktop or ride the treadmill in the garage.

I need to get out this mo-fo!

But wait, I just ate a belly full of chilli beans, rice and bbq chicken so I better chill a while before running. Then it might get too late and too cold to run. And a beer does sound reaaalllly good about now. Damn!

Okay, i’ll go running and sweat out all of this holiday laziness. First I gotta watch just a little college football. Just a little.

Back to work on Monday. (mmmgh!)


Two Double-O Nine

January 2, 2009

I hope you all started the New Year with as much excitement as a bottle of Diet Coke and Mentos can dispense. I had a good time hopping all over downtown. I started like a tourist at LA Live’s Yard House, went local at Bar 107 and ended under the radar at a secret after hours with the password “debauchery.” Bringing the night to a close at 5am looking for a taco stand in south central, to no avail. All being said and drunk, I mean done, I had a good time. I ate, sang, danced, laughed, drank, hugged, kissed and received good wishes from strangers.

But seriously folks, (ha!)….if you blinked you might have missed ’08. The year seemed to fly by with such momentum we are still on a high from it. It pushed us into ’09 with a positive outlook despite the current economic discombobulation. Everyone, even republicans, are looking forward to the next presidency. All I want is more jobs for more people. I don’t like to accept the fact that poverty exists in our country. I wouldn’t mind a better job for me too. HOOK ME UP!!

The new year also makes us take inventory of the year past and project goals for the year hence. This year I didn’t do any of that. No resolutions, no set goals. Let’s see what happens. (haha!)

May all of you grow, gain, achieve, and all those other one word motivational quotes you see on posters, in the anyo Dos Mil Nueve!!!

(anyo! hahaha!)



December 19, 2008

If you search “social network” in Wikipedia you will get a list of over 100 major websites that cater to people like us. People like us, who like to sit in front of a computer and share ourselves with the world. We like to share images and words with our friends; without having to see their faces when they cringe at the site of you at Halloween, holding a bottle of Grey Goose, in your Sponge Bob costume. With hundreds of millions of members all over the world I am glad to be a part of your little circle.

I look forward to seeing pix of you FAM BAM and your worldly travels. I look forward to reading your updates to find out that you, “can’t wait to get your drink on tonight!”

I hope you visit often and read my blog. I call it “Fais Buk.”

Well, sorry to cut it short but I have to go! Just wanted to get this started!

PEACE!! Y’all come back!